Generate Electricity

Electricity is such an integral part of our lives – no matter where we are or what we do, life without electricity can just come to a standstill. But where does this electricity come from? All we do is press the switches of our homes and expect electricity to illuminate our homes – without once questioning what happens at the background. So here’s a background check, to tell you the ways electricity is generated:

Hydroelectric power:

Purely water-based energy, hydroelectricity is one of the most effective, environment-friendly ways of generating electricity. Water gushes from a great height upon a turbine blade which rotates fast enough to move the copper wire inside the electric generator – this is how hydroelectricity functions. Currently, many countries are resorting to hydroelectric power as a means of their energy generation.


Solar electricity:

Whether it’s on a small scale or large scale, solar electricity is one mode of generation of electricity that will never fail. It is used where water is scarce and also in homes, where the generation of energy through other sources is not possible. The photovoltaic cells in the solar panels capture solar energy radiating from the sun. This energy is then directed to receivers which are in-built with a lot of technologies to convert the solar energy into electric energy. There are solar fields located in some places across the world, which consists nothing but acres and acres of solar panels and reflectors – these have the capacity to generate a lot of energy, enough to suffice the electricity requirements of towns together.

Thermal energy:

Electricity generated from steam is termed as thermal energy. The steam here is generated by burning fuel. This fuel includes coal, biomass and even petroleum and the steam which is generated is then fed into a turbine. Rotation of this turbine is what sets the copper armature of the motor into motion, generating the electricity. Although this is the most used manner of generating electricity, it cannot be denied that the burning which generates electricity is also the burning which causes pollution and harms the environment. And let’s face it, we’re not yet equipped enough to handle thermal pollution.

Nuclear energy:

This is another form of clean and sustainable energy which is not only efficient but also generates results which are pretty much enormous. Space saving, this form of energy is derived from the fission of uranium atoms, which results in the generation of a thunderous amount of energy. Although nuclear energy comes with its own cons, it’s still a better option than the other polluting sources of electricity.

Electricity Industry

This is a brief article about what’s trending in the electricity industry. Everything you need to know about the recent happenings in the electrical industry is right here. Read on:

The decline of coal power:

In the wake of so many renewable sources of energy, the electrical industry has slowly, but finally switched over to generating electricity using the environment-friendly sources. The excellent benefits of using renewable sources to generate electricity have lead to a steady decline of the utilization of coal to produce electricity. With the stark decrease in the amount of coal used, it has been predicted that by 2020, we’ll be fully backing up on the renewable source, which are clean and sustainable.

coal power:


The primary issue which the electricity industry faced earlier was the generation of power, and it’s effective distribution. However, now this issue is no longer in focus, with the electricity industries focusing more on the consumer-centric ideas. This approach is helping the electricity industry to win back more customers, with improved services and undeterred power supply. This refreshed approach is proving to be beneficial for the electricity industry, and the numbers are showing.

Grid Modernization:

The modernization of grids and various factors contributing to this change have proved to be a boon for the electricity industry. A constant effort has been put into the transmission and distribution grids, making the transition seamless. While there are still some challenges which the industry is facing while modernizing the grid, successful implementation of modern grids is near. The electricity industry has noted a rapid increase in investment in smart grid development.

Energy storage:

Energy storage

The concept of buying storage to hold energy for the future is something interesting and appealing. With energy storage foraying into the picture, the face of the electricity industry is to change completely. A resourceful idea, the energy storage option is not only cuts down costs but also ensure effective and efficient usage of energy, which is the need of the hour.

Lesser cost:

The electricity industry is working on ensuring that the cost of electricity generated by renewable sources of energy is almost equal to or lesser than that of the electricity generated through traditional sources. This effort is seeing the results it deserves, and the costs of the power generated through renewable sources are something that is set to get affordable in no time –for one and all.

These positive changes are why the electricity industry is booming – and we’re happy that effort is being made to conserve the environment at the same time too.