The appliances that generally use the most energy and in turn make up the bulk of your utility bill are usually the air conditioner and heating systems, washing machines and dryers and refrigerators and freezers. While these appliances make up most of the energy that is used it is important to pay attention to the other small appliances that we use every day to be more mindful of how we consume energy.


Without you evening realizing it, every family uses a TON of electricity in their homes. The reason for this is that mostly everything now a day is electronic and uses some sort of power source. Since we tend o use quite a bit more energy than you think should make sure that have the ye best electric supplier so the use of these items doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Let’s take a look at the most widely used electronic items in a home so you can take them (or the energy they use) into consideration when shopping for electricity.


Home Entertainment Equipment


A major category for household electronics is the entertainment equipment. Things like TVs and home audio equipment fit into this category. People may not stop at TVs, they might have wireless devices built-in like a firestick or Roku. They may have surround sound or wireless speakers for tv and music. Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home are popular and can often be found everywhere for all of your music and reporting needs. These days TVs and entertainment systems can almost be found in every room of a house.




Most people own a cell phone. Cell phones operate on a battery. The thing is that they need to be charged. Every night or at some point in every day you need to plug your phone into a charger to get your days’ supply of power. Now, this might not account for a huge chunk of the energy used in your home, but it may account for some and should be considered.


iPads, tablets and gaming systems …oh my


Besides TVs and cellphones, there are items such as an iPad, tablets, or laptops that can be found in most homes.  In most homes, there are several of these items, especially if it is a multi-child household. Just like cell phones these items need to be changed frequently. In many cases, these items are a lifesaver if you are on the go with little ones but be sure that they are charged, or you may be in for a meltdown. These devices are used frequently which means they also need to be charged frequently. So once again the power in your home is being utilized.


Desktop Computers and Laptops

Similar to the other electronic items in your home, computers are staple items. Most households have them and most people in the household use them. They are very important to the functionality of a home nowadays. They can be used for many reasons such as entertainment such as surfing the internet and watching tv but they can also be utilized with school and office work, presentations, budgeting and paying bills, research, design, photography, and art are just some examples. Because they are used for basically everything, the power it uses is high up there. It can be even worse if you don’t have your power settings on your desktop or laptop set to make sure they are being used efficiently.


Wireless Routers and WIFI


Another household electronic in most homes are WIFI routers. Similar to needing computers for most things, you need the internet for most things. To have the internet in your home you usually have a landline or wireless internet. Both are typically provided by a cable service or phone service. The wireless routers are plugged in 24/7 to allow wireless access throughout the home.


Electronics are part of every home and make up a large sector of the economy. So while these objects do not make up the majority of your utility bill they may make up for more than you think.